Tyranny Is Every Woman’s Fight

Women have been affected and hurt by tyranny for generations. Eliminating tyranny is not likely, so how do Christian women respond to tyranny crushing the lives of those whom they hold dear and planting itself into the home and family? We do so with boldness of spirit, a creative plan, and determination to win.

When I am recruiting students for Southwestern Seminary’s vast array of women’s programs, I offer this challenge: “Send to us a few good women—and we will change the world!”—a maxim I believe with all my heart! For this battle we need the best of the best! God has prepared women from creation for such a task: We link hands with our respective husbands and God Himself to be the bearers of life; we are helpers—trying to follow the example of our Lord in being wherever our presence is needed with the determination to help and nurture those dear to us and any who cross our paths with loving care. A godly woman defines agapē, or self-sacrificing love, in her bold and determined efforts to maintain truth and righteousness in this generation and to mold the next generation. The DNA of maternity, whether conceiving and bearing a child or nurturing the children within your sphere of influence, is the Creator’s imprint on the woman. For some it has been tarnished; in others, even crushed; yet its potential was bestowed by the Creator Himself—not by default or whim but by divine fiat.

A Battle Plan from the Word of God

Here is a plan, pulled together using the SCOTUS acrostic. These judicial activists have dared to assault the Constitution of the United States, the founding document of our government; the family, society’s most basic unit from creation; and religious faith, the most uniquely personal—and thus important—freedom of expression:

S — Set your eyes on the Lord (Ps 46:1).

C — Commit yourself to go God’s way—whatever the cost (Prov 3:5-7).

O — Overcome your fear of mere men and women who with hype and vigor pursue their own agenda instead of God’s way (Prov 12:15).

T — Take your challenges and difficulties to the Lord in prayer. Time on your knees will send a surge of divine power through you (Ezra 8:21-23).

U — Unlock the mysteries of God’s Word. Find His definition of marriage (Eph 5:22-33). The New Testament speaks of mystery not as something to be disguised and hidden but rather in reference to something that was formerly hidden from human eyes but in God’s timing revealed to human understanding through the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 3:5-9).

S — Stand firm for God’s truth (what Francis Schaeffer in his later years chose to call “true truth” to distinguish what God called truth from what the world was labeling “truth”). The definition for marriage is now being revised and distorted. (Following Schaeffer’s lead, perhaps we now need to say “true marriage” to distinguish the historically anchored biblical definition of marriage from its revision by the judicial activists who now attack the very foundations of our Constitution and the fabric of our society.) When the commitment to divinely defined marriage begins to falter, society moves toward complete breakdown.


A Woman Bearing Arms on the Battlefield

Women have an important role to play in this battle. We must renew our energies to immerse ourselves in a study of God’s Word in order to know firsthand what He says about our own personal roles within the family, community, and church. We must make an even greater effort to bring our hearts and wills to mirroring the Lord in everything we say and do, setting ourselves against what He is against and aligning ourselves with what He is for! We must become fierce protectors of our homes and families, filtering the attacks of our culture and community that bombard our children even within the walls of our homes. Monitoring print, electronics, friends, teachers in every area of life—educational, religious, and neighborhood activities—must now become part of every parent’s responsibility. A parent is not an impersonal policeman looking at rules and misdemeanors but a dedicated “schoolmaster,” tenderly and carefully putting into the mind and heart of a child that which is good and right through positive teaching and protective boundaries with a view to keep the child from harm and prepare him for life.

Women dare not remain silent when there are public meetings and movements for what is right. We are adept at using graciousness hand-in-hand with boldness (steel with velvet manifestation of a gentle and quiet spirit), not allowing those in the minority who are boisterous and unruly to hijack public opinion with no obstacle in their way. We who embrace biblical truth reject creating a defeatist attitude. We must make ourselves heard in the marketplace of ideas; we dare not give up that voice! Rather we must look for every opportunity to stand for truth. We can send emails, write letters, place telephone calls, organize petitions, visit government officials. As “watchwomen” on the wall, we are alert to issue warnings and utter protests concerning those who seek to replace the will of the people with the whims of social activists (Ezek 33:1-9).

The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment—about everything but genuinely equal rights) was soundly defeated despite its support from powerful bureaucracy and heavily financed feminist forces. The majority of women—most of them ordinary wives and mothers—arose against a minority of disgruntled women who tried to strip away the rights of any woman who dared to oppose their leftist ideology. Phyllis Schlafly led this fight. As a young Christian homemaker, I was determined to do my part, together with my “sisters” throughout the nation. Together we were able to win a battle that most men declared unwinnable! The same is true with Roe v. Wade and sanctity of life. Although still claiming the “law” of the land, the forces of abortion-on-demand have been greatly curtailed, and the number of babies murdered in the womb continues to drop.

Now a new enemy is in the camp—more dangerous still because its protectors are in high places with great power. Nevertheless, not one of them or all together will surpass the power of God. So, ladies, let’s mount up with wings like eagles (Is 40:31) and move with purpose and the power of God to fight again those who would dare come to destroy our homes—and ultimately our civilization. After all, when taken to its ultimate goals, this LGBT agenda will greatly reduce our population and could bring the end to generations!


In our world of so-called give-and-take, live-and-let-live, do-what-feels-right-for-you, will you be one of the few women willing to give what it takes to follow biblical patterns? Few are committed to live the life Christ calls us to live. Few bear testimony to why we are making difficult choices and following the narrow path prescribed by Christ instead of the broad and inclusive path forged by the world. Few are willing to do the right thing regardless of how it feels or what the personal cost! Judicial activism never trumps the written Word of God, which has stood the test of time (Is 40:8).

Just as those who are courageous walk in truth and righteousness, most of the men and women in this generation choose to live as cowards who falter and give sway to cultural whim.

Yet the Creator of the universe never bows to any created being, nor does any created being surpass Him in intellect, physical strength, or sensitive heart! The Creator is omnipresent (over every inch of the world and through every generation from past to future, Ps 139:7-10); omnipotent (all-powerful and able to turn the heart of a king or clean up the mess of a judge, Prov 21:1); omniscient (knowing everything, every move made by everyone, not only what you do and say but also what you think, Ps 139:1-6). God is truth and thus defines the essence of justice and righteousness (Ps 19:9; 145:17). The future generations depend on what you do today—“Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Est 4:14).

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5 thoughts on “Tyranny Is Every Woman’s Fight”

  1. Deborah Pearle says:

    Thank you, Mrs. Patterson! My heart is encouraged & emboldened by your words & the example of your life. To God be the Glory & victory.

  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for this encouragement! My husband and I have been very convicted these past couple of years to reflect AUTHENTIC Christianity. I’m now seeing more and more why that is such an important part of our lives. My only hope is that my son “catches” the authenticity in our lives so that he is better able to see the counterfeit.

  3. Lilian says:

    Certainly Dorothy, we have to be involve as women, we have to give our Bible opinion about ethical and moral issues. The evil is going forward, because we don’t say nothing and because we are accepting the culture more than the Bible. I am with you and many others who wants to do something about issues in this time. As the Bible says everything makes for good to the people who loves God. It is time to wake up Christian women. Thanks for your words. Blessings.

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