When Fear Falls

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

~Isaiah 41:10

Have you ever been going through life, walking daily with the Lord, essentially doing well, excited about all God is doing, when all off a sudden you are blindsided and fear seems to fall on you?  You are not alone.

Zachariah was considered a righteous man before God, living his life as God commanded, even serving in ministry as a priest. As Zachariah was simply walking daily with the Lord, he reaches a special day in his ministry. With the whole congregation praying for him, Zachariah gets to be the one to burn the incense before the Lord in the temple. But then Zachariah is blindsided. He encounters an angel and “fear fell upon him” (Lk 1.12).  The angel tells him that the Lord is going to work an unexpected miracle in his family’s life and his question was, “How shall I know?” (Lk 1:18)

When fear falls upon you, do you find yourself asking, “How do I know the hand of the Lord is still working?”

Mary was one of the Lord’s favorites and blessed by God. Being betrothed to Joseph, she was planning a wedding when she was blindsided. She encounters an angel, was troubled, and, I am sure, fearful because the first thing the angel says to her is, “Do not be afraid.” (Lk 1:30)  The angel showed Mary a glimpse of how she was going to be used by God and her question was, “How can this be?” (Lk 1:34)

When fear falls upon you, do you ask, “How are You going to work this out, God?”

The Shepherds were doing what they had done many nights before, living in the fields and watching over their sheep. Scripture does not tell us much about the lives of these men, but we do know they too were blindsided and they weren’t just fearful; they were “greatly afraid!” (Lk 2:9) An angel of the Lord appeared to them instructing them to go find the baby. The unasked, yet answered, question on their minds was, “How can I find Him?”

When fear falls upon you, do you ask, “How can I find You, God?”

Has fear fallen on you in recent days? Maybe God is beginning to work a miracle for which you have prayed and longed for years. And now, that it seems to be happening, fear has fallen and you begin doubting whether it is truly the Lord’s hand working.

Maybe God has given you a glimpse of how He wants to use you.  It is a call that will take you places you cannot even imagine and you are afraid of what he is asking of you.  In fact, it is so above and beyond what you can ever ask or think, that you can’t even see how it is going to work out.

Maybe you are just going through life and all of a sudden you are blindsided with unexpected news that has brought sorrow, hurt, disbelief, or disappointment. Fear has fallen on you because you can’t seem to find God in the midst of it.

Recently, I was blindsided and fear fell upon me. It was a telephone call that held less-than-ideal results from a routine medical screening, launching me on an unexpected journey. In an instant, I found myself asking all three of these questions.

“Where is Your hand, God?”  And He answered, “Trust Me.”

“How are You going to work this out?  And He answered, “Trust Me.”

“How can I find You?” And he answered, “Trust Me.”

It really comes down to trust. Every promise made in Scripture is based on a trustworthy God. Do we truly trust God to be the God He says He is or are we in the place of the worried father who finally declared, “I believe, help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). When fear falls on us, and we begin asking the questions, do we hear Him say, “Trust Me?”

Zachariah and Elizabeth trusted and declared,  “The Lord has dealt with me . . . to take away my reproach among the people.” (Lk 1:25)

Mary trusted and declared, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” (Lk 1:38)

The Shepherds trusted and declared the coming of Christ, making him widely known. (Lk 2:25).

I am still walking my unexpected journey and there are days that the fear falls. When those times come, I choose to trust, often even speaking out loud, “Lord, I trust you”  . . .  and it is then that the He meets me in the midst of the fear.

In the midst of your fear, will you trust Him, and declare from depths of your soul:

For He who is mighty has done great things for me,

And holy is His name. (Lk 1:49)