Where Do Women Serve?

Women have been created in the image of God and have been given a role to fulfill! Women can do anything they have been gifted and called to do within the boundaries and guidelines that God has placed. We serve a loving, creative God who is using women to impact this world for Him in a thousand different ways. Hundreds of women have passed through the halls of Southwestern who are serving to their fullest for Christ and the church.

One of the most frequent questions people ask me about Southwestern Women’s Programs is, “What do women do with their degrees after they graduate?” The truth is, the careers and ministries are as varied as the women themselves.

Here are just a few examples:

Ashley leads the women’s ministry for a Baptist state convention.

Sarah is the Dean of Women at a Bible institute in Florida.

Vanessa teaches at a College in Houston.

Miranda teaches grade schoolers in a Christian School and is a published author.

Michelle is a pastor’s wife who has built a home fitness business that is faith based and built on biblical principles. Part of her mission is to teach other women how to do the same so they can stay home with their children.

Angela is a music minister’s wife and serves as a connections minister, helping members find their places of service and connection in their church.

Diane serves as a missionary in South America.

Laura is using her home in Zambia to reach the Zambian women.

Stefanie is graduating this semester and heading to Mexico with her husband and children to reach English speakers there.

Amanda is the wife of a college minister and mother of two, who also leads Bible Studies in biblical womanhood and works with her Baptist association organizing their associational women’s events.

Meredith is serving as an Outreach Coordinator at a pregnancy Center.

Ashley is a Christian voice in the marketplace who also serves as Assistant Minister to Women at her church.

Claire is performing with a major Christian Theater Group.

Women, both married and single, are serving in churches, para-church organizations, on the mission field, and in the marketplace. Many others are wives and mothers, who are ministering to women and sharing their faith through their homes, churches, and every day lives. Some are pastors’ wives, some are women’s, girls, or children’s ministers, some are serving in music ministry, and some are missionaries, church planters, and educators, serving in places near and far.

All of these women serve in different ways and different places but all are serving as women of influence.

When asked what Southwestern women do with their degrees, the list is limitless. There are a thousand different ways our female graduates are using the training they received, but they all have one thing in common. Each and every one is being used by God to make a difference in the lives of others, leading them to Christ, and helping them to grow in their faith. They are making a difference and they are doing it the way God has designed them to.

We have a world full of women who need to know the redemptive message of Jesus Christ and how to receive the gift of life. These same women need to know how to grow in their faith and become fully developing followers of Christ. And for many, they will never hear unless a woman tells them and teaches them.

There are lives to be changed, women to influence, and families to impact. Let’s go to work my strong, saved, gifted, and called sisters in Christ . . . there is much to be done!

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