Your Voice: Why a Woman's Vote Matters

Why should women vote on November 6?  The short answer: because it is your right as an American citizen and, more importantly, because it is your duty as an American citizen.  Think of all the women around the world who are not allowed to vote; many would give anything to have that privilege, and yet, so many Americans take their right to vote for granted and shockingly do not avail themselves of it.

What is at stake in this year’s election? On the national level, it is nothing short of a crossroads — our nation will either choose a path that leads back to our founding principles or it will continue on a path towards a larger, more intrusive government that seeks cradle-to-grave entitlements and the decline of personal responsibility and religious liberty.

If ever there were a time for Christian women to vote, that time is now, when so much of our Judeo-Christian heritage is under threat.

I believe there are three things women should recognize before they step into the voting booth. Women tend to underestimate their power, their intellect, and their commonsense approach to problem-solving, to the detriment of themselves and their nation.


Women need to do hard thinking and not dwell on soft sentimentalities

Women cannot cast votes based upon their feelings; they must be well-informed and vote from hard facts, actions, and realities, rather than vote based upon flowery rhetoric, sentiments, and political advertising.  Women should ask themselves, how would my household run if I employed the same methods that politicians do?  Do you think you could run up a huge bill at the grocery store and tell the manager, “Don’t worry; my grandchildren will pay the bill fifty years from now”? That is what an out-of-control deficit spending spree by the federal government has done to future generations.

Christian women should view the role of government in their lives.  Do you trust God to provide for your needs, or do you trust the government?  Those who promote big government do so with words that tug at your heart strings and make people believe a leviathan like the federal bureaucracy could actually care about the life of Jane Jones in Anytown, USA.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of the first quarter in 2011, 49.1 percent of Americans received some type of government assistance.  The more that percentage grows, the harder it will be to return our country to one where people work to support themselves, their families, and their communities through charitable giving.  When the scales tip to a point that only a few are working to support that majority, the system will collapse under its own weight.  Experts tell us that currently the top five percent of Americans pay close to 60 percent of the nation’s federal tax income, and 50 percent of Americans pay little to no federal tax.

The current bad economy is hurting women.  In January 2009, 5,005,000 women 16 years and older were unemployed.  Today that number is 15.5 percent higher and stands at 5,785,000.  Before you vote, find out how each candidate plans to fix the economy.

Take the time to read each party’s national platform, found here and here, to find out if you mostly agree or mostly disagree with it.  CWALAC has a comparison of the two platforms on our six core issues.  Those party platforms are approved by the candidates, so that is a description of their core beliefs.


Evangelical women need to vote their beliefs and influence the politics of this nation

Evangelicals hold strong religious and moral beliefs, but those are at risk if this voting bloc opts to let other people vote for the leaders who run the country.  Those other people may support unrestricted access to abortion — including for children — higher taxes, and policies that force religious institutions to give up their religious liberty and fund things like abortion and contraception.  The appointment of judges — local, state, and federal — is a very important power wielded by politicians.  If you do not vote, an activist judiciary may well be on the horizon, and that means that the role of the judiciary will be expanded from interpreting the law to writing it, thus usurping legislative power.

Voter fraud is found during each election, as sad as it is to say.  The only way to ensure your vote is not stolen is to register to vote and then to actually vote.  If you do not vote, you really have no right to complain about government, because you abstained from participating and opened up the possibility of your vote being stolen.

It is also important to recognize that, while the November vote is focused on the national election, there are many local and state initiatives that will be on ballots across the nation.  Do you want a say in how your tax dollars are spent on local law enforcement and fire protection, schools, and infrastructure?  If so, then read a sample ballot before you enter the voting booth, familiarize yourself with the candidate positions and the ballot initiatives, and then vote. Evangelicals can also influence their states and towns by voting.


Many women shy away from “conflict” and “disagreement”

Many women are uncomfortable in a polarized political environment, so they withdraw and avoid politics altogether.  This, of course, means they are leaving the decision making to leftists. Evangelical women who do not educate themselves about the issues and vote are ceding their voice and their influence to the Left, and that, in turn, means they are leaving the fate of their children’s and grandchildren’s futures to someone else.

The United States is becoming increasingly more polarized, with two distinct views for the future of America.  The two major parties differ greatly on foreign, tax, economic, energy, and education policies.  To say the two parties differ on the issue of abortion and other social issues is an understatement.  Again, I urge you to read the two party platforms so that you may see for yourself.

If you are an Evangelical woman who does not wish to argue your political viewpoint, there is a way to make it known without saying a word — VOTE!  While I relish heated discussions, even arguments over political and social issues, not everyone does or should.

Concerned Women for America has a website that is loaded with articles and reports with information about state and national issues that influence your lives.  Educate yourself about them and vote.  You may find that, after getting solid facts and figures under your belt, you will begin to engage those around you in political discussions.  Concerned Women for America also has a campaign, She Votes 2012, geared towards getting out the Christian women’s vote this November, because CWA knows that when conservatives vote their values they elect men and women committed to the application of America’s founding principles and getting those values enacted into law.

God will not continue to bless the United States if its citizens keep moving farther and farther away from His teachings.  PLEASE REGISTER TODAY, AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6!!