Women’s Programs At Southwestern

When I began to develop a program of women’s studies, I knew that there were two foundational courses essential for every woman who wanted to pursue theological education. Biblical Theology of Womanhood was the one that every woman embraced because it is totally text-driven. However, in my view, the companion philosophical and historical course Introduction to Women’s Studies is another essential component. In this course, we address theological education for women and what is required for a biblically-based women’s studies program. Feminism is examined at its roots not only for its ideology but also for its militant entry into every aspect of the culture, including the church itself. We address the confusion in hermeneutics on interpreting the didactic passages addressed specifically to women, pointing to the critical role of the Bible in the gender questions now engulfing Christendom. Feminist Theology is introduced to prepare students for what they will encounter in the culture and in their theological studies. Perhaps the most important part of this course is the thorough presentation of egalitarianism and complementarianism, including all the shades of meaning that are continuing to develop.

This course is not offered every year, but it is absolutely essential for our students here and around the world to walk through the critical matters included in its lectures. We are delighted that the course is now also available on line. Women on the campus and on campuses throughout the nation and around the world have the opportunity to participate. And for women in the churches, this is one of two courses that I consider especially important for you to take—even if you do not intend to pursue a degree!

Register for this course by contacting the SWBTS Office of the Registrar at 817-923-1921 x. 2000 or by email at Registrar@swbts.edu.


This article originally appeared on Mrs. Patterson’s personal website.

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