BW Series: Your Voice and Why it Matters!

Calling all women – it’s time to use Your Voice!

This month at Biblical Woman, we’re devoting each Tuesday’s post to making sure you’re in the know on this year’s election.

You don’t have to watch the TV, surf the web, or read the headlines for long to know that we are living in difficult times. Our economy is struggling. Christian business owners face the choice between betraying their conscience or burdening government fines. Cultural and political backlash threatens our freedom of speech.

We know politics isn’t the answer to our spiritual ills. Laws don’t change people – Jesus changes people (Just ask Paul in Romans 7!)  But we are blessed enough to live in a nation that protects our freedoms – freedoms that allow us to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ without the fear of punishment. That’s why your voice matters!

We’re thrilled to feature two distinguished guests for the Your Voice series. Kicking it off is Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse. Dr. Crouse serves as Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank for Concerned Women for America. She is also a recognized authority on sex trafficking, the United Nations, U.S. domestic issues, as well as national and international cultural, children’s and women’s concerns. On October 16th, Dr. David Gibbs, III, of the Christian Law Association will bring his legal expertise to the current questions of personal and religious liberty. Dr. Gibbs is known as a legal missionary who defends the rights of churches and Christian nationwide. Along with our guests, Katie McCoy will be asking the question that’s been on many of our minds this fall: “Can we vote for someone with different religious beliefs?” and Terri Stovall will be wrapping up the series with a reminder of why one voice really does matter!

We hope you’ll join us as we get informed on the issues and equipped for action. If you’re not registered to vote, check out to sign up (Last day to register is tomorrow,  October 9th !) Weigh in on the issues. Share them with your friends.

Add Your Voice!


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